Schmid is a leading company in the footwear and leather goods industry. It was founded in 1942 in Milan by Walter Schmid, a Swiss citizen, and is now owned by three Italian entrepreneurs, including Paolo Ciccarelli, the company’s chairman and chief executive. Schmid is not just a supplier of fabrics and accessories, but a strategic partner capable of providing quality, innovation, customized services to its clients. It is the partner of the most important designers of the fashion world, not only in Italy but also in the United States and the main European markets.

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Schmid: The trends for the next A/W 2017/18 season – Chapter 4: Pastiche

The unveiling of Schmid’s most striking fashion trends progresses with Pastiche.

Pastiche is chic extravagance, geometrical patterns and Art Attack inspiration mixing to create a surreal universe that reminds us of Alice in Wonderland but with a psychedelic twist. This style is strictly feminine, refined yet simple. A modern French rococo where lines, shapes and colour contrasts unite, creating a blend of exoticism and elegance.

The follower, sophisticated and witty, reviews the great icons of the past with a new perspective. Chanel and Missoni are certainly the most representative brands of this theme.

The trends for the next A/W 2017/18 season – Chapter 4: Pastiche - Schmid

Colour palette

Pastiche’s colour palette brings to mind a spice market or the workshop of a great perfumer. The hues are bright and vibrant: curry yellow, burgundy leaning towards cherry, tangerine, and intense blues with touches of black to define the lines.

The trends for the next A/W 2017/18 season – Chapter 4: Pastiche - Schmid


Eccentric and irreverent, the materials include lines and surfaces that always have a feminine touch. Glitter is used to colour prints with a ethno-pop flavour and handmade aerographies. Composite PVC surfaces incorporating gold leaf flakes also play a significant role. A topic that has undoubtly been studied and updated is houndstooth flock on mesh or as a jacquard bouclé, 3D rhombus jacquard, contrasting colour fish-bones and, to conclude, satin lurex with laminated stripes.