Schmid is a leading company in the footwear and leather goods industry. It was founded in 1942 in Milan by Walter Schmid, a Swiss citizen, and is now owned by three Italian entrepreneurs, including Paolo Ciccarelli, the company’s chairman and chief executive. Schmid is not just a supplier of fabrics and accessories, but a strategic partner capable of providing quality, innovation, customized services to its clients. It is the partner of the most important designers of the fashion world, not only in Italy but also in the United States and the main European markets.

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Schmid: the trends of spring/summer 2018 – Chapter 1: Futuristic

We continue to unveil the most interesting trends under the Schmid brand: Futuristic.

Futuristic is a new athletic-chic style that combines glamour and technology. A futuristic soul for an innovative and visionary theme, where a minimalist pure-tech style blends with a sporty touch.

Elegance is not forsaken but re-intepreted with an avant-guarde and cutting-edge approach for a modern consumer who likes being trendy without having to give up athletic features. Sneakers are an important accessory, including futuristic materials stemming from a thorough research that unites comfort and aesthetics.


Materials are divided into two main streams: Pure-Tech, that comprises modern and technical materials. Opalescent PVCs and PU laminates play a crucial role, along with sporty meshes, that can be combined with tulle, and stretch fabrics, with an extensive use of Lurex.

Decorative features stress a technological elegance: flocked fabrics with pixel patterns, metallic plisse’, reversible sequin fabrics and printed camouflage patterns on glittered surfaces.