Meet artist Dominic Joyce from the UK who studied Art, Design and Media at Portsmouth University and graduated in 1999.  I love these original graffiti pop art - they're amazing and visually striking. Dominic combines the use of expressive sketches, graphic design/graffiti style stencil work and stylised texts to create the desired effect of a modern art experience.

To learn more and to purchase these fabulous artwork, go here Edgeware - Etsy Shop and  www.dominicjoyce.co.uk.  For artist statement, see below.....thanks Dominic!

My work sings in the language of modern culture, gazes into the mirror of our vibrant modern media and reflects a striking visage.

I cast portraits as characters performing my ideas as scripts with the canvas as a stage and the gallery as a theatre. I adorn my figures with lucid colour with dress to sharply contrast. I model my subjects to strive for impact in lead roles as large bold pieces.

My designs flower from a fascination of powerful visual imagery - sleek advertising from brochures and catalogues can be a strong source of vivid messages, fashion magazines and music videos energise my invention.

Expressive sketches, graffiti style stencil work alongside graphic design and stylised text are techniques I use for desired effect. I present to the viewer a positive modern art experience which walks the runway and speaks the language of modern society's visual culture.

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