October 15, 2014


From our most recent FV contributor addition, Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends who is based in Barcelona working as an Interior Stylist, Trend Observer and Trainer.  Her website Eclectic Trends is full of interior and trend inspirations,   http://eclectictrends.com.  

Dear Fashion Vignette readers! This is Gudy from Eclectic Trends and I am back today with another trend I presented at Global Color Research which I named SCANNED! You can view the entire report here

I hope you enjoyed my last AW 2016/17 trend post WONDERLAND ( here ), which had been the favorite among my readers. I’d love to hear your opinion too.

Here comes the second part of my trend presentation for Global Color Research I have shared as well at the Blogger Brunch the past weekend. This was another winner (to my surprise) together with WONDERLAND. I believe the colors influence a lot here too since they are soft and gentle, and we have seen seem them mainly on the Scandinavian markets for a while now.

We are more and more scanned in different senses. When we go the airport, be on the internet or make a telephone call with an integrated gps, there are cameras on the street, and we have to face there is a constant integration of technology with the human body.

On the other side, ‘SCANNED’ has beauty, there is a wonderful x-ray photography underlining transparency and fragility which is not new but has been there for a few years already. By exposing an object to x-rays one discovers new and sometimes surprising structures and hidden beauty.

It is a movement that invites to discover and explore in a different way, like looking underneath the surface and being marveled by its treasures.

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