September 3, 2011


A must to bookmark is DAZED DIGITAL, a relatively new but not too new site that brings you the cutting-edge editorial of fashion, photography, illustration, music and film and headline events globally.

Check out their recent post from their Arts & Culture section featuring TRANSITION GALLERY showcasing the work of both undergraduates and established artists "PULP FICTIONS" which takes place next month.  To read the article and their interview with curator Cathy Lomax and to learn more about the exhibition, which will be held in London, Sept 3-25, go here...Dazed Digital - Arts and Culture - Pulp Fiction. I'm in London next week, so I hope I'll have the time to stop in after my busy day of trend spotting and shopping.

Here are some pieces that I love that she selected for the exhibition and that I'm truly inspired by:


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