K A T E  L Y N C H  is a recent graduate specializing in Digital Printed Textiles from the Buckinghamshire New University, located in the UK. She has a passion for all things design: textiles, fashion, interiors and illustration. If she is designing, she is happiest and she uses many different techniques to create her designs such as pencil drawing, painting and photoshop.

Throughout her time at the university she has had the priviledge to work on a two week placement at Baxter Fawcett Design Studio, and be involved in two live briefs from Marson Fabrics and Stylesight.

Her collection below consists of many three-dimensional designs by the use of created 3d shapes from an animation program along with a couple of her fashion illustrations.

She has a wonderful talent and a great eye, check out her blog lynchkate.blogspot.com and her website, katel.moonfruit.com. She is currently also available for hire at this time as well. 

    E P O C H    

noun: the beginning of a new period marked by radical changes and new developments.
My degree collection of textile prints has a huge digital concept. Unfolding itself from the influence and inspiration of astronomy, the collection took a turn from 2D illustrations of star constellations and into beautiful, graphic 3D forms by use of animation program 3D Studio Max.
A digital collection for a digital world. EPOCH.


The two vibrant spotty materials (right of the title and bottom left are Kate Lynch's work as featured on Stylesight. To view her feature on her blog, go here.

© 2012 by KATE LYNCH. All rights reserved.No part of these images may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, photocopying, or otherwise, without prior written permission.