Design a ‘mini-collection’ of two outfits, menswear or womenswear, which respond to the challenge:
What can multisensory fashion be? How can it enhance the experience of the wearer?
Using our five senses, we investigate, communicate and interact with the world around us. Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch - together they create our perceptual experience; they shape how we encounter and respond to our surroundings and each other.
Create a sensation. Engage the wearer’s senses – generate opportunities for interaction between the garment and the person wearing it. Heighten sensory awareness - shape how the wearer experiences their environment.
Think with multiple senses. Search for perceptual correlations. Blur the boundaries - what is visual? Auditory? Olfactory? Gustatory? Tactile? Explore situations where the senses synthesise.
You could consider:
• Connections between wearer, garment and environment
• Possibilities for interactivity – high- or low-tech
• The integrity of the materials you use – maximise their sensory possibilities
• The power of colour and light
• Crafting tactile shapes and surfaces
• Interpreting sound in fashion
• Visualising the experience of smell and taste
Seek inspiration in the rhythm of a pattern; the shape of a sound; the taste of a texture; the colour of a scent...


The FAD Competition is open to 2nd or 3rd year BA, or MA, students studying Fashion at a UK Higher Education Institution.
FAD also welcomes collaborations between two students of different disciplines (e.g.: Fashion Design & Photography; Fashion Design & Textiles, Fashion Design & Product Design, etc.). All collaborations must be clearly marked as such.
Each institution is permitted a maximum of three entries from BA courses and three from MA courses.
Students who have previously taken part in FAD Fashion Futures programmes may send their entries directly to FAD. These entries are in addition to the institutions’ quota of three entries and will be considered equally alongside other entries received.

The FAD Competition is the only undergraduate competition to take place during London Fashion Week.
All shortlisted finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their designs at the prestigious Fashion Scout in February 2014, in front of an invited audience of press and industry professionals.
First prize: £1,000Two runners-up: £500 each

Tutors should register their institutions for entry by e-mail to reyes@fad.org.uk by Friday 11th October 2013. There is no registration fee.

Wednesday 20th November 2013

Each student's entry must include the following:
In Digital Format
a. Research: An edited selection of your research and development (a maximum of 20 items - images, video or audio files) including:
• a summary of your research: e.g. sketchbook pages, moodboards, photographs
• design development
• evidence of planned construction techniques
b. Illustrations: Two creative fashion illustrations (one of each outfit)
Please note that the digital part of your entry should be sent to FAD on CD, USB, or shared withreyes@fad.org.uk via www.dropbox.com.
In order for the jury to view your entry successfully please send digital files in the following formats only:
Images - as individual jpegs (300 dpi) or as one continuously scrolling PDF document.Multimedia files - please upload video or audio footage to a platform such as Sound CloudVimeo orYouTube and include the links in your submission.

On paper
c. Two technical drawings (one for each outfit, showing front and back) including fabric swatches.
d. Written interpretation of mini collection (max. 200 words)
e. Completed student entry form

Please send your entries by post to FAD Competition, 10a Wellesley Terrace, London N1 7NA.
FAD regrets that due to the volume of submissions we receive, that entries cannot be returned to students.

First stage entries will be judged according to the following criteria:
• Research into and intelligent interpretation of the brief
• Originality and creativity of the two outfits, which must work together as a ‘mini-collection’
• Evidence of planned construction techniques, fabric choice and textiles development if relevant.
• Adherence to FAD’s ethos – your garments should respect and enhance the person who will wear them.
Entrants will be notified if they have been selected as finalists by email, by Friday 29th November 2013.
Each successful finalist will then be invited to make up their two outfits for the 2014 FAD Competition final held at Fashion Scout, during London Fashion Week February 2014.