Lily Attwood studied at Central Saint Martins and is incredibly talented. She has interned for some pretty incredible design studios, Proenza Schouler, John Galliano, Richard James Savile Row and Louise Gray to name a few.  When we received Lily's portfolio, we were thrilled to feature her.  She has quite an amazing collection in her portfolio where she shows her inspirational mood boards, print designs and the finished product.  Below are a few of her images, and she has many more that it was so difficult to choose.  Read her story below as she shares her journey to design which all started by being surrounded by inspirational parents and friends.  

I grew up in Brighton with a mother who worked in fashion and a father in design. Visiting my mum at work first started my interest in fashion, going into the studio, looking at the vintage pieces used for inspiration and being given all of the samples that turned out to be too small even for the japanese market! My dad had to travel a lot for work so we spent a few years living in Saudi Arabia and America. This exposure to different cultures really shaped my eclectic taste and my own desire to travel. Growing up in Brighton was a very creative environment and my family and their friends were always very involved in the art festival. Soon I began to sell my drawings and photographs there too. Looking back at early art projects, they always had a textile like quality to them but it took me while to realise that I was going to pursue that path. Gaining a place to study at Central Saint Martins had always been my dream so I couldn't believe it when it actually happened. As well as having the most incredible, dedicated tutors, I learnt so much from my peers and made friends for life. My placement year before graduation was the most enriching and enjoyable time in my life. After spending some time on Savile Row completing a project for Swarovski I flew out to New York to work for a Menswear Designer. I then spent three months in Paris doing print design before going back to New York to work for my favourite brand Proenza Schouler. It was an amazing company to work for with an incredible team and beautiful design studio. Now I've finished my collection I'm really enjoying the opportunity to complete some self initiated projects but after August I'll be seeking a full time design role in London, Paris, Milan or New York.

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