Wolverine Leathers is the global leader of Performance Leather which offers an array of performance features, colors, weights and other varieties. Their speciality is in working with designers, product development and sourcing to meet their needs in footwear design. Some of their clients include UGG, DKNY, Adidas and Vans to name a few.  Go here to learn more about their company. 

Here is a preview of their Spring/Summer 2015 trends where you can view the entire report here for their colors and materials. Their trends are inspired by 4 concepts: Pacific Coast Highway, Cloud Life, Green Tea and Sands of Zanzibar.


Ahhh... California circa 1955, the land of dreams. Cruising down the freeway in a Chevy Bel Air, heading to a party in the valley to stand around the pool sipping gimlets. It’s the heyday of American optimism, opportunity is everywhere, and the future is as bright as the Santa Monica sun. Fashion recreates the laid-back spirit of California cool which infused everything from art and architecture to music and film, and capturing the playful hedonism of the west coast, mid-century. Carefree classics are revisited with a fresh perspective and a neo-nonchalance and re-colored in a range of sunny side-up shades of surf and suburbs.


Minimizing clutter, maximizing experience -- welcome to the cloud, where everything is at your fingertips but not necessarily within arm’s reach. The new minimalism is not about deprivation, it’s a pragmatic approach to instant gratification. Living large by living light. The new dis-ownership lifestyle frees us up to experience life fully without being weighed down by stuff. iTunes and Netflix mean that books, music and movies no longer take up space on the shelves, there’s no need to worry about oil changes or inspection stickers when there’s Zipcar, and why splurge on that special catwalk creation when you can rent the runway.com? Fashion is a reflection of the simplicity and mobility of the story: simple pieces edited to perfection, a clean slate to embellish or not. The color palettes rely on clean shades of white and blue set against river stone taupes, with the occasional expressive pop.


Take a break from the pulsing streets of Tokyo to enjoy a quiet moment of calm in a side street tea house. Holding a bowl of tea whisked to a fine froth. Such a simple thing filled with a spirit that reaches back more than a thousand years. The tea ceremony developed under the influence of Zen Buddhism, seeks to purify the soul by becoming one with nature and find harmony with all things. The fashion statement reflects the Japanese worldview of wabi sabi: calm, graceful, austere and simple with playful notes of kawaii, an exaggerated cuteness and innocence. The color palette is a naturally balanced range of earth, sky and sea, lightened with mochi pinks and greens.


Depart the verdant shores of Tanzania for a breath-taking dhow ride across the turquoise Indian Ocean. We are approaching Zanzibar, the idyllic palm-fringed Spice Island that is the intersection of Arabic, Indian and European culture. Meander through the winding streets of Stone Town past Arabic palaces, Indian merchant homes, English manor houses and Portuguese chapels. An eclectic fashion statement reflects this cultural crossroads -- beachy, breezy beauty blowing in from east and west. The color palette is a spicy range of nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon, set against the electric turquoise of the sea and the shady fronds of a native palm.