This year’s invitation extends the reach of the Frankfurt STYLE AWARD in the fashion & design community throughout Europe and worldwide. Students from nearly 400 fashion schools in 34 countries are invited to put their creativity and passion for fashion in the international spotlight.


We are all different yet united by our existence as human beings. We share one world. We look different, dress differently and speak different languages – but, ultimately, we are all reaching for the same stars.
The Frankfurt STYLE AWARD 2014 invites talented, up-and-coming fashion designers to submit their creations in one of three categories taking this year’s guiding theme UNITED DIVERSITY as their inspiration:
While uniforms disguise differences they are also a visual symbol that identifies the wearer as a member of or having a role in a group. Successful uniforms are recognised across international borders. Reinterpret the concept of the uniform – modern, borderless or global, critical or provocative: the choice is yours! Everything is possible!
Open-minded, independent & unbound – nowhere are the currents of the 21st-century more clearly reflected than in the unisex category. Rigid division of roles according to gender is history. How can clothing meet the needs of both men and women while respecting the differences between them?
Diverse in its eccentric non-conformism, united in the adoration of essential beauty. Uniqueness should not only be expressed through being different – it should stand out by being embedded in a unifying context.
New in 2014: Freestyle first, then Compulseries – PIONEERING DENIM

Another special challenge awaits all the applicants who are nominated for the final by the jury and are invited to the Style Award Gala in Frankfurt am Main. The topic – “Pioneering Denim” – is compulsory. Fabric coupons will be provided to enable the competitors to realise their designs. It is an invitation to combine creativity and craftsmanship seamlessly within a clearly defined framework. These models will be awarded separately by the jury. The nominees will receive details of their compulsory exercise in good time.
20 participants can qualify for the final in each category. All the nominees will receive an invitation to the Style Award Gala, attendance of the final event in person is preferred. Accommodation for the finalists will be covered by the organizer. The participants can request apply for travel cost. All finalists will be informed about the details of the schedule after the preliminary round has been completed in March 2014. The prizes awarded to the three winners are as follows: 
1st place: € 1,500
2nd place: € 1,000,
3rd place: € 500. 
As well as the presentation of the award voted for by the general public, the Pioneering Denim and United Diversity awards, there are other attractive non-cash prizes and apprenticeships to be won. Here you can find further information about the prizes.
FINAL SUBMISSION: February 28, 2014
To learn more and apply for the competition, go here