We are re-featuring talented Tanya Kancheva who is originally from Bulgaria and is currently living in the UK. She is about to finish her Master course in London's Chelsea College of Arts. She has always had a dream to have a Master degree in the Design field from such a fashion city as London is. 

To learn more about Tanya, and to view her portfolio of amazing work, go you can view her site here.

As Tanya describes her experience…….  Living in a multicultural big city is so much fun for me. I see inspiration everywhere around me. I am surrounded by so many interesting places, people and things, so grabbing every day of them, I feel myself content.  Comparing people in Bulgaria and UK, people here are open minded, they don't follow rules dressing themselves in a nice decent way always....every day I see women wearing skirts with trainers or winter jackets with sandals.(Which I find a bit weird, because there are so many other nice and more appropriate options.) So, that's why I've started thinking to design fun, urban, multi color and multi wear jacket suitable exactly for these people.I thought to my self:"At least, lets try to show them how a sportswear jacket could match with high heels, however naturally,casually and not in a pretentious way".

About the project:
Make your own jacket
Inspired by everything around me, I find beauty in the unconventional. I love colours, Pop Art and the iconic style of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Stepping on this base, I have created Multifunctional jacket, which can be further customized with a wide range of prints. The brilliance of the jacket is its concept - different print combinations and colours of the separate parts - all interchangeable.Made of 3,5mm thick neoprene fabric, the jacket is suitable for multi occasions. Wear it like any other jacket but when you need a quick change, unzip the sleeves and you got summer jacket and completely new look.It’s designed to stand out of the crowd with its bright colours and graphic bold lines. When the weather is cold, the wearer of the jacket would feel better, wearing a bright piece of clothing. A study about Colour Psychology shows the effects of colour on human’s mood, emotion, and behavior. That’s why I have decided to use 3 key colors, which will boost the wearer’s spirit: Blue for freedom, Yellow for optimism and Black for sophistication. 

Special thanks to:
Photographer: Rostislav Rusinov
Model: Guilhermina Guilherme
Make-up and hair: Guilhermina Guilherme
Styling and Design: Tanya Kancheva

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