PREMIERE VISION, the world's premier fabric show will be held on September 16-18, 2014 at the Parc d'Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte. To register online, go to PV's - Registration.  Here are some of the details of their digital online color trends.  To view the slide show,  go to  Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Forecast and for Colours.

Resolute and spontaneous, the fall winter 1516 season 
soars ahead with a beautiful generosity.
A window open onto multiple and composite possibilities,
it is an invitation to multiply points of view,
to put into perspective,
to see and compose in volume and in colour.
With a fine and sharpened outlook on decoration,
it expresses an invigorating visual simplicity.
With a fierce, unleashed strength,
it calls for disrupted shapes, summoning the beauty of colliding fabrics.
A broad, wide-angle view,
embracing initial sketches and concrete realities,
with fabrics that anticipate clothing,
and promise powerful and bold volumes.

The fall winter 1516 colour range cultivates sophisticated pigmentations in 3 dimensions, explores the peaceful contrasts of moderate tones.

A range to be read in three ways, to embrace as a whole and dip freely into,
to read horizontally to spot singular trios,
to delight in vertically to explore three powerful lines.
Concise and energetic, a line of pale-intense contrasts, where warms and colds come together, where colour has a tangible vitality.

Cheerful and loquacious, a line of warm and opulent softness, where pink, yellow and red nuances murmur in unison, where cold gold lends resonance to a matt intensity.
Radiant and mysterious, a line of faint or acidic lights, where fertile neutrals are concentrated, where cold celestial and twilight blues flourish.
Colours that interact closely with shapes,revealing volumes, highlighting or contradicting cuts, and eliciting surprise through their unexpected placement.