From our FV contributor, Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends who is based in Barcelona working as an Interior Stylist, Trend Observer and Trainer.  Her website Eclectic Trends is full of interior and trend inspirations,   http://eclectictrends.com.  

Here is her latest A/W 2016/17 trends and you can view the entire report here.

Dear Fashion Vignette readers,

This is my last trend post of the series I did for the Uk based consultancy Global Color Research and it’s the most colorful and bright version out of the four. COSMIC is already on the market, there are a few brands that slowly start working with its color scheme and I expect it gain more importance next year. 

I tried to get a pair of ancle boots with a rainbow toecap but they were sold out-it just took me too long to decide...Are you going for the iridescent trend? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section! 

Thank you!

Warmly, Gudy

COSMIC is pretty self-explanatory through the imagery here. Humankind has made it possible to reach the space with suborbital flights. Virgin Galactic will be the first commercial company to offer  spaceflights. Founder Sir R. Branson flew first in 2009, he has been testing and improving ever since and the first commercial flight will be scheduled in a near future. Dreaming of the wide universe and reaching it has become a bit closer.

COSMIC plays with the dark, the unknown, mystery and interacts at the same time with very shiny and bright colors. Iridescence and glitter effects are key here.

Exploding stars and Aurora Boreales give the inspiration for a new visual language with a wide color palette.

The color palette is bright, vivid and acid with pink an purple, greens and turquoise. Black and a really dark blue are the perfect backdrop for dramatic contrasts.

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