January 30, 2015


Our feature today is talented YUYAN HE who is a Fashion Designer.  She recently finished her MA Fashion Design Degree in the US and began her career as a Fashion Designer and Illustrator for various clients from NYC, Dallas and Atlanta since 2011.

Yuyan's signature style lies in her keen ability to capture and find inspiration in a great variety of artistic disciplines (architecture, painting, cinema, music, etc) and to creatively translate them into  modern, dynamic, and yet timeless fashion.  She likes challenging new things and competing in a limited timeline and the use of materials.

You can view her new collection"ARCH COLLECTION" which is a mini collection she finished all by herself in a month and a half - www.yuyanhe.nyc.

You can also view her amazing portfolio here and here.  Below is a glimpse of some of her images from her portfolio of fashion illustrations and ideation mood boards.

© Yuyan He - all rights reserved. 

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