The Munich Fabric Start is an international fabric trade fair that holds two fair trades a year features a wide range of textiles, accessories and trims at this exhibition. Their current show for SS 2016 is currently being held Feb 2-4, last day of the show is today.  Below is a preview of their latest trends, go here to view and read up on their latest SS 2016 trend call outs if you're missing the show.

View their five themes that map the trend scenario with editorial for each theme "Oscillating. Detailed information including visuals and trend colors plus relevant Pantone number can be on the color card.

Five themes swing back and forth between diverse and parallel fashion, covers, identities, themes and details - four for women's and men's wear and one for jeans wear.

You can also order their  Spring/Summer 2016 trend catalog and color card online,  here 

Oscillating means to swing, vibrate, be in movement.
OSCILLATING IDENTITIES leaves static ideas behind and swing between different cultures, forms, worlds, sentiments and perceptions – sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker


Neutral colors form the basis for the balanced, calm play of materials.  Skin and apricot tones cover the fabrics with tender gradations.  Restrained metallic gloss looks elegant in satins or graphic jacquards.  Delaves radiate naturalness.  Peach skin finishes create exciting surfaces for both hand and eye.  Elegance and sportiness play with checks, herringbone and technical jerseys.


Natural white, beige and sand tones exude a colorful calmness.  The warmth of the orient is felt in orange, yellow and bronze colors.  An elegant depth is added to this spectrum in the form of black and petrol.  Voluminous, grainy and yet floating texture constructions appear as modern unis in cotton/polyamide mixtures.  Lots of creativity appears with structured surfaces.  Heat-embossed polyester-mixtures and bondings make incredible 3D patterns magically appear.   Jacquard and lace gleaming a discreet luxury.


Very soft watercolor tones play with bold retro colors.  Icy blue, rose and lavender nuances meet nautical blue pine green and ruby red.  Romantic patterning creates a dreamy basis with tile motifs, houndstooth and naive jacquards.  Characteristic Chanel surfaces and printed laser cuts create lively structures.  Abstracted rings and sun chair stripes show creativity in marine motifs.  Nets bring a flowing lightness and transparency to the materials.


The focus of Psychotech Jungel is on defamiliarized prints.  Pixels, vegetation, graphic patterns, landscapes: everything gets psychedelically abstracted, distorted, enlarged or blurred.  Intense, sporty colors like orange, red and turquoise meet exotic green and purple.  This palette finds some relaxation with white, graphite, silver and natural wood tones.  Hybrid fabrics are bonded or composed of differing samples.  Technical materials, vinyl and silk make shiny, moving surfaces.  Perforations, sometimes printed, find applications in sporty jerseys, synthetic leather and glued materials.


An extremely simple color palette of blue tones get completed with important summer casual colors like beige, white and greying pastels.  The material range is even more wide and extreme than in previous seasons.  Super clean materials are just as present as totally bleached-out washes or extremely over dyed indigos.  Wheather flowing or solid, structured or super smooth, extremely stretchy or raw and sturdy, jacquards or 3/1 - everything a denim lover could dream of is here.