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Fashion Snoops’ Spring/Summer 16 Color Forecast identifies five key palettes: Backyard, Soft Nostalgia, Seaside, Desert Bloom and Heirlooms. Soft Nostalgia plays the most important role with a continuation of pastels that become notably more saturated. Desert Bloom refreshes the notion of neutrals with new base tones and enticing fashion colors that offer a new perspective. Backyard addresses the important brights of the season in fully saturated color, while Seaside offers a vibrant mid-tone assortment with unexpected results. Finally, while jewel tones are not typically associated with Spring, Heirlooms remain relevant with both familiar and newly added hues.

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Seaside is presented as a vibrant selection of mid-tones. Bubblegum pink plays an essential role, while newer shades of Coral and Melon are influenced by pink and grapefruit casts. Orchid and Aqua are offered as emerging fashion colors. Custard is lively, yet not overly saturated, shade of yellow. Chartreuse is introduced as a new lime. 


Coral is a new pink this season, with salmon undertones.

Jewel tones remain relevant for Spring/Summer with a new offering of Heirlooms. Red and green continue to play the most significant roles, including familiar shades of dark Burgundy and brighter Ruby. Green becomes more influenced by blues with Evergreen and Dark Teal colors. While Navy progresses as an influential base color, Indigo offers a new alternative. Grape purple is featured as a new fashion color. 

After much success in recent seasons, burgundy is back for Spring.

Indigo presents a strong option somewhere in between navy and cobalt.

Dark Teal offers a new fashion color that adds newness especially to retro looks.

The Desert Bloom color palette combines earthy neutrals along with emerging fashion colors. Base hues of Khaki, Hazy Taupe and Twine are enlivened by richer bases like Dark Roast and Olive. Red casted Rust and orange casted Copper both play influential roles, while Marigold is a yellow with significant orange influence. Persimmon keeps the palette lively et to pink and orange casts. Cooler hues include Soldier Blue, Moonstone and Pine.


Persimmon combines desert orange with pink for a sunset fashion color.


Hazy Taupe brings a darker grey casted neutral into the spectrum.


Moonstone Blue is an exciting new fashion color in the Desert Bloom palette.

Soft Nostalgia addresses pastels as one of the most important groups of the season, lead notably by Blue Hydrangea. Chambray offers a greyer, saturated blue alternative. Pink is a focus from saturated mid-tones of Peony to whitened Ice Pink, peach tinted Rose Champagne and purple casted Lilac. Other fashion pastels include more saturated hues of Wisteria purple, Lemon Chiffon and Sea Glass green. Neutral base tones include a fleshy Buff, utility Ecru and Bone. Dust complements Soft Nostalgia as this season’s exclusive grey. 


Blue Hydrangea is easily the most essential pastel of the season, lending a soft commercial appeal.


Lemon Chiffon brings yellow to the pastel range with creamy undertones.

Backyard brights offer a lively conversation anchored by warm and cool hues. Green plays a pivotal role in both Spring Green and a brighter shade of Grass, while Canary offers a brightly saturated yellow. Red progresses forward with Candy Apple as a key color. Another popular commercial option is Electric Blue, while Periwinkle really brings something new to the table. Though orange generally downtrends, Clementine remains.


Periwinkle is one of the most popular blues of the season, positioned as a brighter summer alternative to Electric Blue.

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