Submission Deadline: 10 August, 2015, 6pm CET
Voting Starts: 10 August, 2015, 6pm CET

As you may already be aware, there are exciting changes occurring at Front Row Society as we transition to a more collaborative, conceptual approach to the way we create our designs and products. So it just seemed appropriate that our latest challenge reflect our move to a cleaner, more refined aesthetic while celebrating our Berlin roots and the way this city and culture continue to inspire us, season after season.

For this month's “Tiled” challenge, we’re asking you to explore the Bauhaus architecture and the reduced, geometric aesthetic it gave rise to. Go industrial and get inspired by ultra minimal tower blocks, or celebrate the domestic with smooth panels of perfectly interlocking dandelion tiles. From rough cement blocks to flawless ceramic grids, we can’t wait to see what you construct from your imaginations.

What can you win?

Each winner receives a one-off prize of 200€ once the collection launches on the website plus a sample of their products when it arrives in stock. But that is not all – if your design receives 500 orders on wholesale, you will receive an additional €200. This means that FRS can continue to embody the spirit of fashion democracy, rewarding our top designs again...and again...and again! We will also conduct an interview with the winner, publicizing their design across the fashion community in Berlin and worldwide. 

To learn more and to submit your designs into the competition, go here