August 12, 2015


ISPO Textrends is ISPO’s new platform for designers, product managers, and the media to discover the latest fabrics, fibers, trims, and accessories for sports, and outdoor apparel. Their exhibitions are held in Munich, Beijing and Shanghai. To learn more and to look up their next shows  go here to learn more.

ISPO teamed up with internationally renowned trend experts to identify the textile trends and colors for Fall/Winter 2017/18 to show what designers and product managers are looking for to develop their upcoming collections. To view the full report, you can visit their site here.

The following trend will describe in detail what designers and product managers are looking for in order to develop their upcoming collections. Go here to see the full report and you can select the images below to view the images larger and in a slideshow.


Colors are an essential part of the textile business. 
The pivotal seasonal color palette of bestselling tones takes a brighter approach this season. Hues take on a more solid approach with a sharper and more intense appeal accentuated with increased neutrality from a range of gray tones complete with black and white.

    HAZY DAZE    
A crisp and sharp palette inspired by nature comprised of subtle tones that can also take on a more luminary and crystallized role through brighter yarns and finishes. This delicate palette is also enhanced through the surface appeal from ultra matt and powdery handles through to milky touch for enhanced base-layer applications.

An energetic offering of dense tones through to uplifting brights feature, there is a feel-good factor present. This color palette has a lot of mileage for the print sector as well as appealing to natural and synthetic offerings in altering the surface appeal. Black is a key component in enhancing the vibrant brights, this is about taking traditional tones to a new level.

Mystical and ethereal in delivery, this palette can be worked down through to a rich, matte appeal or worked up through a metallic and lacquered approach for a feel of luxury and gleam. There is a heightened sense of reworking rich and neutral tones in creating something new and exciting for the season.

Pushing the boundaries of the color spectrum, the intense bright and synthetic tones of this palette can be taken even higher to a fluorescent level, screaming intensity and grabbing the spotlight. Geared towards the synthetic side of the textile sector, there is a renewed appeal and optimism as fantasy comes through.

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