The Munich Fabric Start is an international fabric trade fair that holds two fair trades a year features a wide range of textiles, accessories and trims at this exhibition. Their next show for SS 2017 will be held in Feb 2 - 4.  Below is a preview of their latest trends, if you missed their last show held this month 

The most important trends and tendencies for Autumn.Winter 16/17 were analysed by the MUNICH FABRIC START trend team.

REFUTURE unites history and future, traditional and visionary techniques are equally important. Colorful retro influences of the 70s meet profound Gothic looks, advanced and functional technologies meet deep authenticity.

Find the trend themes for Autumn.Winter 16/17 including moods, catwalks and the seasonal trend colors with Pantone references in our detailed edited Colour Card where you can order it here.

Five trend themes can be defined for Autumn.Winter 16/17 – four for the womens- and menswear, one for the denim- and sportswear.

All themes are edited in detail in our seasonal COLOUR CARD. The trend colors for the season are rounded off by a documentation of the latest qualities, styles and silhouettes. Here is a preview of their A/W 2016/17 trends.

REFUTURE unites history and future. Interest in artisanal looking fabrics and the fascination of the new, reason in exciting, atypical material mixtures. Rustic materials meet technical qualities and earthen progressive looks with familiar naturalness. Hapticly attractive, shiny or patterned surfaces look new and noble in discolored, subtle and tonal colors.

Organic inspired prints act as a tribute to nature, futuristic patterns are the sharp and jagged counterpart. Abstract motifs, distortions and modifications continue to dominate the print sector, while loud 70s motifs and technical sparkle get attention as the bold eye-catcher of the season.

Aristocratic symbols. Fascination of the darkness. A seductive figure, passing by floatingly.

ROYAL GOTH embodies an elegant, royal-inspired trend with a strong historical influence. 
Fascinating raiments, genderneutral robes and accurate uniforms are realized in noble velvets, fine wools and sophisticated leathers. The characterful color palette unites gloomy and sensual tones.

The wild, rough nature serves as a source of ideas for this sustainable and simultaniously pioneering design direction. On the same wavelength with flora and fauna, raw qualities merge with extremely functional materials to powerful and masculine looks in TOTAL NATURE.

Landscape prints in polyester blends complement authenticly colored fake furs; marbled jacquards compete with embroidered neoprene and bonded felt. The colors are archaic and natural.

Retro Happinesss: The 70s HANGOVER leads us back to the seventies in a frolicsome atmosphere. The styles are concise and decorated, they are playing with fake furs, satins, brocades and flowing materials.

Bold jacquards and prints in Memphis style reach and emphasize the authentic vintage look. The colors from orange to petrol convey boundless energy and optimism.

Experiments with digital imagery and maximum function generate the portable future in and on the materials of the INTERFACE JUMBLE. Intelligent materials, individual customization and textile networking are foreshadowed. Haptic experiences are realized in three-dimensional qualities that can be knitted, woven or embossed.

Digital prints on sporty materials and shapes embody the future visually. Holographic reflexes, cool neutrals and stimulating active tones determine the color palette.

BLUEZONE - where Science meets Magic

Science and magic collide in the progressive inspiration field of denim trends. Hightech materials with a high degree of functionality, super stretch and extreme surface treatments demonstrate the latest technical possibilities.

Versatile bleaching and dyeing techniques seem magical and random, they give denim a spherical aura with cloud- or star-like finishes. Frayed edges, couture constructions and sportswear details are setting the tone for shapes and patterns.