Ioana Avram is a Bucharest based Fashion Illustrator, who also has more than a decade of teaching fashion design and fashion illustration to students globally. She is the author of the site and Youtube channel "Fashion Teaching". You can visit her website of online classes here and her Youtube channel here which has had more than 1.6 million views and more than 52,000 subscribers all around the globe.

From Ioana herself on A WISH COME TRUE:

"30 years ago some desperate parents interdicted their 3 years old child to use pencils to draw on their house's inner walls :) Due to this, and to the fact that all pencils, brushes and markers were forbidden, the child found another way to express: all chocolate received was hidden and used to "decorate" the walls when all other tools were not available. 31 years later, here I am, willing to tell a story on every wall there is. Not with chocolate, like I used to :), but in watercolors, as you can see from my illustrations.

Thank you and hope to enjoy my illustrations from your comfortable armchair, having a cup of warm milk in your hand and smiling."

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