April 14, 2017


Promostyl is a trend service providing a global view of trends, fashion and design.  To learn more, go to their website Promostyl.com 

Here is a preview of their SS18 trends, Wistful Garden and Carefree Garden:

Wistful Garden - SS 2018

Eclipses and ashes. The depth of a glossy Black meets the melancholy of three muted tones. Dark flowers, in bloom or charred, scorched thorns, ink and satin, Verdigris and mineral Sediment... form the expression of moody elegance.

Carefree Garden - SS 2018

An assortment of squeaky-clean tones from Green beans to Muesli, Power Orange and Cyan. Gracious bouquets of grass, daisies and blue poppies.

Little round flowers, naive scattered patterns and stickers, light cotton fabrics... irresistibly fresh and easy!

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