The MunichFabricStart is an international fabric trade fair that holds two fair trades a year features a wide range of textiles, accessories and trims at this exhibition. Their next show for the A/W 2017-18 will be held in Aug 30 - Sept 1.  

Below is a preview of their latest trends AGELESS for the Spring/Summer 2017 season, if you missed their last show held this month.  You can also purchase their report here.

The trends for Spring/Summer 17 live in emotions - irrespective of age and sometimes gender. Emotions are displayed expressively in carefully developed materials, textile lightness and a subtle adaptation of technical looks that impress with versatile prints and very haptical surfaces. The base for this is a combination of timeless elegance and visible naturalness. Completed with creative ideas from space expeditions, hybrid future visions and real functionality, technical aspects combine with dreamy travel memories, favourite stories, great festival atmosphere and a yearning for classical influences. The result is a modern mix of fun, romance and relaxed chic. In the course of demographic change we stay increasingly younger. Our state turns into a kind of youthternity. AGELESS faces this development and searches tomorrow’s clientele.


Man meets machine, man explores machine, man becomes machine.

With no fear of contact or the future we start to fathom high-tech developments in a playful and hedonistic mode. Which scenarios are imaginable? Which are feasible? Not only the mind attains technical ecstasy, the body is also filled with thrills. Instinct and sensory perception are two senses, which are now particularly sharpened. Portable robots promise increased performance and bring a whole new kind of equality in terms of force. Gender classifications are outdating themselves.

    HOVER CITY    

In a world that becomes increasingly hectic and uncontrollable, the desire of breathing freely and finding islands for relaxation and recreation increases constantly.

With the clarity of minimalist architecture in Hover City, we find the tranquility and structure that we would like to recapture from our agitated world. Grace, beauty and aesthetics bring the inner peace and space that we want for personal reflection. Time and carefulness become luxury elements.


The biggest adventure imaginable, the discovery of alien worlds and mysterious cultures inspires the Solar Venture.

We trace the unknown everywhere: in abandoned deserts, forgotten traditions or undiscovered galaxies. An exciting outland is waiting to be creatively discovered beyond known boarders. The extraterrestrial becomes a focal point; mysterious landscapes are the inspiration for prints and structures. Abstract phenomena draw us into their spell, we are approaching them impulsively and intuitively.


In an era of increasing demands on society and the individual alike, the desire for relaxation and amusement is becoming more and more vital. We just wanna have fun.

Funnyfestum is the incubator in which fun fashion is made that makes the zest for life a daily experience. A new, effortless hedonism awakes a lust for humorous creativity, fancy little gadgets, cheerful fabrics and positive beats. Summer and sun put us in an expressive ecstasy, even beyond tropical beaches or exotic festival locations. Now, we enrich our daily lives with colorful euphoria.


Denim's got soul. The variety and depth of denim stories that are told in Spring/Summer 17, are the most varied and sentimental in a long time. Whether authentic looks with tradition or state-of-the-art developments, both are not as important as the fulfilment of individual needs.Fabrics with statements determine the look of collections in this season. Whether elegant and contained or wildly decorated, technical or natural: The main thing is a true statement and soul. This soul presents itself in a romantic light with soulful styles, finishing and dyes. Whether reduced or elaborate, all denim styles have in common that they live and live to see with their wearer.