February 16, 2016


Founded in 1998 TRENDZINE - fashioninformation.com was one of the world’s first online fashion forecasting services. Today Trendzine produces the TRENDZOOM Fashion Forecasting Service, delivering both long-term forecasting and fast-response information to the fashion industry. The full service provides lengthy, in-depth reports with expert fashion analysis, the latest color & trend intelligence and high-spec design flats.  To find out more about the TRENDZOOM service and see the full list of published contents go here.

Here is a preview of their latest DENIM forecast for the AW 2016/17 season.  To purchase an annual subscription with a special discount for Fashion Vignette readers please follow this link here.

    FOCUS Denim AW 2016/17    

A definitive overview of forward-moving trends in the highly specialised denim sector. Influences filter through from catwalk collections, the retail scene and street culture into new directions for A/W 2016-17. The issue curates this information, and gives a clear guide to new developments in Fit, Fabric and Detail, with additional focus on the influences of Workwear and Retro styling.

Trends cover Women, Men and Youth areas with the emphasis on where these looks converge, or divide into gender specific designs.

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